Nov 1, 2008

Kottaram [Palaces]

As many of the Natturajyam , had its own rulers or Tampurans, which eventually lost its pride in the pace of time. Still now the blood line continues and many of the family still lives in the Palaces with once were the epitome of Proud and Glory of the Land. 

The Pond used by the inmates to bath, its a sure sight of many of the Palaces and temples around Kerala.

This is the Ananthapuram Palace.

Sep 15, 2007

Market Place

Karthikappally used to be a great marked place due to its proximity to the water way. It gradually evolved into a big town. But as in its modern path , it lost all those glorious ages.

These are some market areas now;

The last images show the remains of the old market place, where the smell of the crowd still lingers...

The Eleven KV

This is one of the 11 Kilo Volt lines with are wide spread all around India or Kerala.

Hripad Temple and Pond

The Harippad Subramanya Temple , the pond's eye view..!

Vathaloor Koikkal Temple

As a common site...temples are a common site in this of the old temples is this Vathaloor Koikkal Temple on the banks of the Karthikappally Thodu

Karthikappally Post Office

The Karthikappally Post Office was one of the main centers of communicaton earlier. But by the advent of the e-communication systems and services, Post offices in and around this place, rather the whole world is declining importance literally.


The Karthikappally - Danapadi - Haripad road

Mannarasala Temple

Mannarasala Temple is devoted to serpent worship. It is located near Harippad, 32 km south of Alappuzha, Kerala. In this temple, the rites are presided over by a priestess. The temple covers an area of 16 acres of dense green forest grove. The two main idols are Nagaraja or the serpent king and his consort, Sarpayakshini. The most popular offering of this temple is 'Uruli Kamazhthal', the placing of a bell metal vessel upside down in front of the deity, which is believed to restore fertility to childless couples.

The temple is reputed for having 30,000 images of snake-gods. On the day of Ayilyam, in the months of September and October, all the serpent idols in the grove and the temple are taken in procession to the illam (the house of the priestess connected with the temple) where Noorum Palum, and 'Kuruthi', a red liquid made of turmeric and lime, offerings are made.

Pithampil Temple

This temple was originally constructed by one of the oldest families belonging to the Temple. Currently the temple is handled by the Kshetra Samrakashna Samithi.

Haripad Temple

Sree Subrahmaniya Swami
is situated at Haripad near to the NH 47. The main deity of this temple is Lord Muruga. A vast complex including two ponds and enclosed in a 7ft tall stone fencing, and monster Banyan trees of dizzying heights makes it quiet attractive. The Kavadi and Thipooyam one of the many festivals celebrated in months of April-May months attracts more crowd than ever!, adding to the beauty of this place.

Ananthapuram Palace

This palace is more than one fifty years old and is quite near to the Ananthapuram high School. Unlike many other palaces this one has many buildings scattered in a vast compound. The palace is currently handled by the present bloodline.

St.Thomas High School

One of the oldest educational institutions in Karthikappally dating back to 1919 was constructed by the St. Thomas Orthodox Church and was dedicated to the society to enlighten the fruits of proper education. This endeavour is now run directly by Catholicate Palace, Devalokam, the Headquarters of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church, Kottayam.

Karumbali Koikkal Kottaram

This palace is situated near to the Haripad railway station. The palace is more than 150 years old and has an unbreakable association with the late legendary King Marthandavarma. Presently it is maintained as a temple and is run by the Travencore Devasom Board.

Karthikappally Kottaram

This palace is situated in the heart of Karthigappally. The palace is estimated to be more than a thousand years old. This was the former residence of the ‘Natturajakanmar’ who ruled Karthigappally. The palace is occupied and maintained by the current successors.

St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral

This church is situated at the Karthigappally junction on the way to Thrikunappuzha. It is estimated that the church is more than 1200 years old. The exact year of construction is unknown. There are above 600 hundred families in the parish.

Jul 30, 2007

Fish For Sale

Fishing, as any other coastal town is available in plenty in Karthikappally. Many took fishing as their profession even. But as the town evolved, the markets faded and still we find fish markets in Karthikappally. A site from the fish market.

Jun 5, 2007

Midnight river

The Karthikappally Thodu in the night, shot using night mode...

Night sky

Pictures of night.. and nature..!

a rainy eve...

night under sky


Unlike the barren highways and freeways with no trees or vegetation for miles like any other village in Kerala, Karthiakappally too has roads with trees over shading them from the scorching heat!

Roads with trees in the side is a common scene everywhere...

The picture of a flowering tree... a road side view..

Jun 4, 2007


As all the places in the Gods own county... Karthikappally is best adorned by the natures fullest decors. Like may places in the state, wherever you look its green and green, Karthikappally embellished by the coconut,green grasses, mango grooves, and whatnot..!

The green soothing scene is everywhere... a scenic destination!

Farmyards, fields and lush greenery was a scene here like elsewhere but changing times make prominent impact on nature... like any other place..
farmlands, now are not that occupied as old times...but still remains..adding a place for the children to enjoy their afternoon...

pond and green grass adds beauty to this charming wonder of nature...

Karthikappally ‘Thodu’

This is one of the oldest and most accessed inland water ways in the Kuttanad region. This was once the major lifeline for trade and export both with the foreigners and the local tradesmen. Presently due to construction of roads in every nook and corner, the ‘Thodu’ lost its privilege and is misused and polluted heavily.

The Karthikappaly thodu

There are may bridges across the Thodu... an old bridge in the picture

on a bridge

the waterway is now polluted and less accessed causing degradation and destruction and in the verge of 'extinction'... a pathetic site

Then and now

A small town, a market, a palace, Karthikappally had seen it all... Karthikappally was once a Buddhist center. About in the year 904-933 the Great ruler of Travancore, King Marthanda Varma, added Karthikappally to Travancore. In 1742 and 1753 the nearby places namely, Kayamkulam and Ambalapuzha was added to the Karthikappally Natturajyam, making it a prominent region since then. The area between the now existing Purakkad and Kayamkulam was the once Karthikappally.

remains of old marketplace

What made Karthikappally the most unique and important was the proximity of an inland waterway or a Thodu which enabled free flow of traffic and evolved Karthikappally into a Trading center. The market was huge and crowded, still remains of the old market stays..!

Many years after its glorious past, the Karthikappally Panchayat was formed. Shri. K Damodaran was its first man in place. In 1912, the Govt. School in Mahadevikadu was constructed followed by The Govt. L P School in memory of Divan Krishnan Nair. Many great Leaders had their footprints on the sands of time of Karthikappally.

This included the only Minister from Karthikappally and MLA Shri. A Achutan, Achutan Vakeel, A V Anandarajan, Kanikara Madhava Kurup, Krishnankutty Sir, Putathu Narayan were all the lost heroes who fought for the Nation.

Many Iconic landmarks were constructed in Karthikappally, which stands as testimonials to the great heritage of this place. The St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral or the Kottakakatthu Suriyani Palli, Karumbali Koikkal Kottaram, Karthikappally Kottaram, Valikulangara Devi Kshetram , Kottaram Mudiyil Shri KrishnaSwami Kshetram, VathaloorKolical Kshetram , The Haripad Shri. Subrahmaniya Kshetram or temple and the centuries old mosques in Karthikappally are also famous. The Ananthapuram Kottaram is also famous in many ways adding to the proud history of this place. the world famous Mannarshala Nagaraja temple also yet another mark of history.

May 29, 2007


Welcome all to Karthikappally's Blog space...

Karthikappally... a land once endured an outburst of civilization and culture... a land of nature's extravagance... a land of culture and art... a land like no other... what we like to say... a land of simplicity in tradition of a long lost world of nature, art and culture...

Karthikappally, a growing 'Semi-Urban Village' had its histories dating back centuries and centuries. This Foreign nurtured land, due to its geography and proximity of a waterway, made it an instant town of interest in traders and travelers from in and around.

Now, generations after all these, Karthikappally was divided in many provinces and Panchayats. Now here we try to bring up the lost world of heritage. All your comments, suggestions and information are always welcome. So once again, welcome to Karthikappally...!!