May 29, 2007


Welcome all to Karthikappally's Blog space...

Karthikappally... a land once endured an outburst of civilization and culture... a land of nature's extravagance... a land of culture and art... a land like no other... what we like to say... a land of simplicity in tradition of a long lost world of nature, art and culture...

Karthikappally, a growing 'Semi-Urban Village' had its histories dating back centuries and centuries. This Foreign nurtured land, due to its geography and proximity of a waterway, made it an instant town of interest in traders and travelers from in and around.

Now, generations after all these, Karthikappally was divided in many provinces and Panchayats. Now here we try to bring up the lost world of heritage. All your comments, suggestions and information are always welcome. So once again, welcome to Karthikappally...!!


Kariseril said...

Hi Reji,
Thanks for posting so much info about our karthikappally.

tomoommen said...

Hi Reji,
Really amazing to read about karthigappally. Lots of hardwork behind your research. Best of Luck.

DILEEP KUMAR elayammathu said...

well done reji
its realy nostalgic...u done a good job man

keep posting
dileep kumar elayammathu

Baloo said...

Great blog..nostalgic!!